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Safety is at the top of our agenda and we strive for Zero Harm. As individuals and as teams, we commit to taking personal responsibility for safety, communicate safety concerns, and actively share best practices and learn from near-miss incidents. We have processes and tools in place to help ensure that every employee, both on-shore and at sea, can operate in the safest work environment possible. Our Health, Safety and Environment Policy is a directive that we embody in all our work activities. These are all part of the safety culture at BW.

To be the industry leader for safety, we always ensure that the sanctity of life takes precedence over all other considerations. With organisational and individual commitment to safety, we can better ensure Zero Harm to people, environment, cargo and vessel.

Structured Approach to Safety

All processes and programmes take place within a ‘just culture’ framework, and employees are encouraged to provide safety-related information. To maintain competence on the job, we offer continual best practice training programmes. These professionals provide timely feedback for operational improvements, and practice formal reporting of near-misses and incidents. The reports are important leading indicators of safety, triggering forward-thinking which strengthens our safety culture.

Safety at Sea

Onboard safety is enforced by each Captain. Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn while on board, and the Shipboard Management Team communicates, supervises and guides crew on safe work practices. Tool box meetings, onboard and web-based training programmes as well as drills are conducted regularly to prepare seafarers for any challenge.  

Safety on Shore

Onshore safety is addressed and communicated at monthly management meetings, in weekly operations reviews, and at regular Officer Conferences and in-house safety workshops.  Internal newsletters are distributed on a monthly and quarterly basis and vessel reports and incidents are discussed in these publications. Offices in Singapore, Oslo, Manila and Mumbai also practice standardised safety briefings for visitors and hand out safety cards to orientate visitors to our offices and inform them on what should be done in an emergency.  

Our employees are the foundation of our business. Safety of our people and our vessels will always be a priority in any decision. This is our company policy, and our way of doing business.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Our policy states that we will conduct our operations, both ashore and on board the vessels we manage, in a way that protects the health and safety of all employees and other individuals, preserves the environment and avoids damage to ships and property.

We always:

  • Comply with all legal requirements
  • Commit to a goal of zero accidents and zero spills to sea
  • Continuously improve on our HSE processes
  • Save energy and commit to recycling
  • Minimise waste and emissions
  • Engage with customers and partners to build trust
  • Emphasise safety to all employees and contractors
  • Promote a culture that avoids intimidation and aggression

We never:

  • Possess or use prohibited substances on company premises
  • Work when performance is impaired by alcohol or drugs


  • Exceed our customers' expectations, and be their business partner of choice
  • Achieve consistently good health, safety and environmental performance


At BW, we are committed to protecting the security of our seafarers, vessels and cargo at sea. We have measures in place to deter attacks and safeguard the well-being of all on board.

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

We always strive for Zero Harm, and we remain prepared for incidents on board our vessels. Effective emergency response requires us to be ready to manage any incident.

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Zero Harm Campaign

Zero Harm Campaign

Zero Harm is an organization-wide safety campaign. Its goal is to make sure safety remains the priority in all our operations.

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